BackTrack 5

BackTrack 5 brings Mac users a new level of safety by logging screenshots (entire window or just the topmost window) as well as all text (except passwords) that is typed for all applications. The log includes the application name, window name, date & time, and how long the window was the front window.  BackTrack is a useful safety utility for all Mac users using Mac OS 10.6 or greater. 

For example, suppose you're working on a MS Word document, you haven't saved the document for awhile, and Word crashes. Normally you would have lost all the text you typed since your last save, however, since the text is also in the BackTrack file, the text you typed has been saved. Simply copy the text from BackTrack to the clipboard, and paste it onto your Word document. Another example, you sent an email two weeks ago, and you're not sure what was in the message. Since you delete all email over a week old, you can't find the email message in your email application. What to do? Simply search the BackTrack file for the day you wrote the message!

What if your Mac gets stolen?  Want to remotely view the database file?  If you have Dropbox installed, you can remotely access other BackTrack database files.  See the BackTrack Help for more info.

Log everything you type with BackTrack

BackTrack developed by Modesitt Software <>

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Warning: BackTrack is NOT compatible with Mavericks (OS 10.9) operating system.